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4 January 10

What’s your favorite thing about Kurt, and your favorite thing about Chris?

Since I pretty much failed at answering this last time, I’ll actually try and give a real answer this time.
Chris: He seems incredibly nice, and he’s hilarious. :]
Kurt: He’s a ton of fun to watch and I get excited everytime he appears because he’s always so funny and enjoyable to see.

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3 January 10
30 December 09

I feel a ridiculous amount of guilt for fancying Chris Colfer, even though Kurt Hummel fancies a straight character in the show.

Aw, you don’t need to feel guilty! [Although I think I kind of understand what you mean.] Trust me, there are plenty of other people who fancy Chris Colfer, so you’re not alone. ;] Besides, we can’t help who we do and don’t like.

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Posted: 12:29 PM

The faces Kurt makes are one of the favorite parts of the show.

Definitely! I absolutely love watching Kurt and Finn because they make such great faces. :]

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29 December 09

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Posted: 12:34 PM
28 December 09
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